The Datacorner

DATACORNER Online Editing

It's a new world out there. Online WSYWG (that's What You See Is What You Get) editing. Used to be if , as a provider, you provided character entry a la Yahoo notes you were in good shape. Well, not any more. Many editing packages out there (click for a list). What do they do?..give the user a MSWord-like environment inside the browser. Are they as good as MSWord?..hell no. As a nonGeek user what are they good for? Well, they let you cut that last tie to your home computer. You can already keep notes, calendars, and your bills on relatively secure servers (Yahoo, or your bank for example). But your beautiful edited content?...not until now.

The blogs haven't quite gotten there yet either. mySpace gives you only very basic editing

Maybe that's good enough, but why stop there. Datacorner uses tinyMCE.

Smaller icons but you can do just about anything. Notice the HTML button. That one lets you display the HTML that specifies all the formatting of your document. So, if you are in mySpace and you want to make fancier pages...just come over here, create the pages, display the HTML and paste it back into the mySpace window. Not a problem, best of both worlds. And you can leave a copy here. Save it into the Datacorner file area. Keep multiple pages so you can switch the look of your blog without having to re-create all the HTML.

Try it at the editing page.