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Datacorner pwProtect hides your data using key phrase encryption.. Key phrase encryption provides high level security using easily remembered words and phrases. Simply paste your key phrase into the top box of the vault, your text to be encrypted below and push the 'encrypt' button. You can store the encoded text anywhere. Paste it and the key phrase back, push the 'decrypt' button to retrieve your data. System is fully secure, Datacorner never sees your data or your key phrase....they stay local to your own browser, your own computer. No one can unlock your data without the key phrase.
Datacorner pwProtect provides two levels of security. With LEVEL 1 security you keep the encrypted data on your own computer and encrypt or decrypt entirely local to your system. Your data never go over a network. Use LEVEL 1 if you are guarding against unauthorized use of your own computer. With LEVEL 2 security you keep encrypted data in the Datacorner archive. Login to Save and Retrieve your encrypted data. Use your key phrase to unlock your file. Use LEVEL 2 if you need to access your data from public computers. Login to Datacorner pwProtect from the public computer, your encrypted data appear in the lower panel. Paste in the key phrase and hit the decrypt button. Read your data or make changes. Now encrypt and then save back to the Datacorner archive.

We recommend using your email address as the user name. With your email address we can notify you of changes in status of the pwProtect capability. We will use your email address only to notify you of such changes.

Technical Details Datacorner pwProtect uses the Rijndael algorithm, compliant with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) adopted by the United States as Federal Information Processing Standard 197. AES supports key lengths of 128, 192, and 256 bits. The Rijndael algorithm was first published in javascript form by Fritz Schneider. It was then modified by John Walker, founder of AutoDesk and published as javascrypt. pwProtect is an adaptation of javascrypt for use as an online utility.

Terms and Conditions   Datacorner assumes no responsibility for any outcome of using the pwProtect capability. Wouldn't mind a few links back to this site...or give the googleAds a couple of good clicks.   Reciprocal links posted at our links page. Email to dcnProtect